What does Ann stand for?

Safety & Law Enforcement

The security our hometown is of the highest priority for me. Our community thrives when people feel safe. We must dedicate all necessary resources to keep our neighborhoods secure, so that children and families can enjoy our parks, pathways and village centers in comfort. It is important that we continue a strong presence of law enforcement, while keeping our taxes low. Safety and Law Enforcement have been my top priority during my tenure on The Woodlands Township Board of Directors.

Economic Development

Economic Development is vital in the continuation of making The Woodlands “the best place to live, work, play and pray.” Planning and a strategic approach are vital both in residential and commercial entities. The Woodlands is fortunate to have the opportunity to address these areas through The Woodlands Township fiscal management and collaborative efforts with all stakeholders.


We need mobility solutions that address the concerns of our residents and preserve our high quality of life. Quite simply, we have too much traffic! We need infrastructure and planning that will manage our growing community and address our daily commute and mobility concerns.

Flood Mitigation

Tremendous population growth is expected in our community and county over the next decade. That will probably bring more new residents seeking housing, and more commercial development to serve those residents. We must encourage conscientious planning using all means available to help predict and prevent damages to homes and businesses, as with major unexpected weather events. The Township must collaborate with other governmental entities to protect our residents, our homes and businesses.


From the beginning, The Woodlands has been known for its balance between man and nature. George Mitchell’s vision centered on preservation of the environment while building a master-planned community with sustainable development. I believe in a community that thrives on the balance of economic development yet preserves the essence of the environment and raises a sense of community — a real hometown. It is of the utmost importance that the Township collaborate with appropriate entities on critical issues facing our community. We must all work together to ensure that our valuable natural resources are preserved for generations to come.

Cultural Arts

The official vision of The Woodlands Township includes the statement: “We are a thriving business community and a premier destination for visitors — a place where generations live, work, learn and play.” As the living, working, and learning parts of our community continue to grow, so should our opportunities for play. Part of fulfilling that vision is a well-rounded hometown, including world-class cultural arts venues and an arts-friendly community. Quite simply, cultural arts are an essential part of life for families of The Woodlands.


Collaboration is critical in enhancing our lifestyles. Bringing all stakeholders together embraces discussing ideas, brainstorming possibilities and hopefully creating a plan that will benefit all stakeholders for the better good of The Woodlands.