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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As a resident of Creekside Village, I am concerned about the tone of the upcoming election for The Woodlands Township. It appears that the slate endorsed by various Tea Party organizations has a common thread—divisive tactics that are intended to drive a wedge between the villages.

Don’t we have enough of this type of political campaigning on the national scene? Do we really want to bring name-calling and promote an “us against them” mentality in our hometown? Our elections for Township Director are “at-large” for a reason. Each Director represents residents of the entire Woodlands, not just one Village over another.

Dr. Ann Snyder is a leader who embodies all that is good about The Woodlands. She builds relationships among all groups and finds common ground to get things done. She doesn’t waste her time trying to tear things apart—she puts them together and encourages positive action for the common good. I urge you to go to the polls armed with your own research for the sake of the future of The Woodlands. Read more about Ann Snyder at You will like what you see: a proven track record of 26 years of leadership in The Woodlands, 15 years as a Trustee of the Conroe ISD School Board, President and CEO of Interfaith of The Woodlands since 2004 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read about her extensive list of community involvement, volunteerism and honors.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I urge you to vote for Ann Snyder for The Woodlands Township, Position 6.

Jeff Shipley
Creekside Village
The Woodlands

Will you join me in electing Dr. Ann Snyder for the Woodlands Township Board of Directors – Position 6?

My husband, Taran and I moved to The Woodlands in 2008 from Boston. We have two boys ages 5 and 8 years old. The Woodlands is an ideal community to live, work, play, and raise our family. In order to remain the exceptional community that originally attracted us to move here, we need dedicated, strong and experienced leaders that have compassion, knowledge, and talent.

As a seven year resident of the Village of Creekside Park, a founding member of the Creekside Park Village Association, and having served as its President for four years, I know that Dr. Snyder has what it takes to serve the needs of Creekside residents.

Dr. Snyder is a dynamic and proven leader with a wonderful vision for our great community. More importantly, Dr. Snyder knows how to organize and inspire people to actually get valuable things done. She has been a contributing resident of The Woodlands for 26 years. Serving as CEO and President of Interfaith of The Woodlands since 2004, she knows the voice of the community better than any other candidate and has our family’s full support.

Please visit to learn more about this amazing woman and uniquely qualified leader.

Early voting starts Monday, October 19th and Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd. Help spread the word and get out the vote to keep The Woodlands the premiere community in Texas.

Warmest Regards,
Nancy Decker Lent

As a long-time resident of The Woodlands, I have seen our beautiful community grow and mature into a real hometown where people genuinely care about their fellow man, support our children and schools, worship freely and welcome newcomers. The Woodlands Township election is extremely important this year—we stand at a crossroads—balanced leadership or extremism.

I have been reading and studying all the candidates running for Township Director, and have seen a troublesome theme emerging. There are enthusiastic new residents who believe that our hometown has fallen prey to poor development choices and made a huge issue of clear cutting in the Village of Creekside Park. I can totally understand why someone who has lived here less than 3 years would be alarmed at the temporary ugliness that occurs during construction of a new shopping center.

But those of us who have been here for decades understand and appreciate the method and progressive nature of constructing large amenities. We saw what Lake Woodlands looked like when it was under construction—very scary. We saw what The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion looked like when it was under construction—very scary. We saw what the Woodlands Mall and Market Street looked like when they were under construction. But George Mitchell had a good plan! Can you even begin to imagine The Woodlands without the lake, the Pavilion, the Mall and Market Street? What if we had given in to cries of panic when these incredible amenities were being constructed? The Pavilion was recently named the Best Amphitheatre in the World and has brought benefits to our community we cannot even begin to list. This is part of our high quality of life we enjoy in our hometown.

Keep Calm and vote for the balanced leadership that Ann Snyder, Amos McDonald and Bruce Tough will bring to The Township Board of Directors. Good government matters. Let’s not mess up the vision George Mitchell had for The Woodlands—it’s a good one.

Sally Bacon

We support Dr. Ann Snyder for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors - Position 6. In her position as President & CEO of Interfaith of The Woodlands and the Interfaith Community Clinic, she has the pulse of our great community and will always do her best for The Woodlands residents. She is a leader and has immense personal integrity and character. We are proud to endorse Dr. Ann Snyder for this leadership position. We can always count on Dr. Snyder to work hard and solve issues on behalf of the residents.

Myrna and Gerald D. Irons, Sr.

It is an honor for me to endorse Ann Snyder as a candidate for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 6. My wife, Diane, and I have known Ann for over two decades, and together, our families have seen George Mitchell's vision of a master-planned community become a reality. Ann was one of those pioneers who cared about the heart and soul of our community, and she still does! She has given tirelessly over the years to create a community that truly cares about its people.

I was privileged to serve with Ann on the Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees. She was a knowledgeable and professional member of the board. I learned first-hand that Ann made all school board decisions based on what was right for each and every student.

Because of her diligent efforts, The Woodlands has become more than just a place of houses, office buildings, and retail centers. Rather, it is a place where people truly care about one another and strive to make peoples' lives better.

As a local business professional for the past thirty-nine years, I want to have a leader who has a long proven track record of service and dedication to this ever-growing community that we call The Woodlands. Ann Snyder is that leader. She understands where we started so long ago and has a vision for our future. Please cast your vote for Dr. Ann Snyder, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 6.

Dr. George Kaufman

I confidently recommend Dr. Ann Snyder for Position 6 of The Woodlands Township. Ann and her family have been residents of The Woodlands for 26 years. Currently, she is both the President and CEO of Interfaith of The Woodlands and The Interfaith Community Clinic.

I have had the pleasure of working beside Ann as President of Junior League of The Woodlands, President of Interfaith Child Development Center, and also numerous other community projects. Ann's commitment and dedication to this community is nothing short of amazing. She embodies every characteristic of a good leader. Ann is fair, honest, and well respected by everyone she encounters. She is the perfect candidate for keeping this development the community we have all grown to love - a place where families can live, work, and play.

With proud enthusiasm, I support Dr. Ann Snyder as the perfect candidate for Position 6 of The Woodlands Township. Please join me in making it a priority to get out and vote for Dr. Ann Snyder.

Julia Dell